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About Us


LAMODA is a fyre footwear brand for baddest of girls 🤘

Our goal is to bring you the freshest products to get your accessory game on
point and keep you empowered. We only stock the coolest and freshest sh*t to
keep you looking and feeling like the badass that you are!

We know your style changes with your mood.
Sometimes you wanna be casual and chill and other days you’re ready to take
over the world!! That’s why we always make sure we have something for you.
Don’t worry girl, we got your back 😁

We’re not just a fashion brand, we’re a community 💟
As females, we have so much power to change and uplift the lives of those
around us on a daily basis, whether it’s by telling our girls theylook fly, or letting
them know they aren’t alone and are appreciated!

We’re here to represent and celebrate every female and we want YOU to join us!
Talk to us, share your stories, tell us what shoes make you feel like you’re ready
to do anything – because it’s not just our store – it’s yours 🤞

Whatever you want, however you want it: we’ve got your back!
We’re inspired by you daily, so join the movement and spread the love 💋